June 16, 2024
05 Important Facts About Maternity Cover in India

Every woman experiences many stages in her life, with motherhood being the most significant. Most women usually aspire to have children because it completes her, even though the road to parenthood is not always easy and there may be many obstacles to overcome.

One of the significant life adjustments that women experience is becoming a mother. She observes numerous changes at this stage. The process of becoming a mother is amazing, in fact. However, when a woman conceives later in life, there are more challenges. Accepting motherhood is exciting, but there are costs associated with it as well.

Here comes the necessity of a health insurance plan. But with so many options for maternity health insurance available online, which one to choose? Insurers like Tata AIG offers the most robust health insurance plans online with the best coverage options. And with the right kind of newborn insurance coverage, you can always stay relaxed as you would know that you will have ample financial support in case of any adversities.

Now, let’s learn more about a few facts on maternity insurance cover in the country.

Maternity Health Insurance Plans – Things You Should Know

A woman needs a health insurance with maternity cover plan that includes coverage for maternity benefits. An ideal plan would pay for cashless hospitalisation, prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, and other postpartum child care costs. Here are 5 things about the same that you should be aware of –

  • Most maternity insurance policies have a waiting period before the insurance kicks in, which can range from 3 to 6 years based on the policy chosen, and only then can a policyholder make a claim. To ensure that the waiting period is completed by the time a couple is ready to become parents, they should purchase the policy around the period they are married.
  • The costs a woman incurs while pregnant are covered by maternity health insurance. These costs include child care, delivery costs, before and post natal costs, and pre and post hospitalisation (30 and 60 day) periods.
  • It becomes crucial to have enough money saved up for one of life’s most crucial occasions. A maternity cover makes sure that you have a stress-free pregnancy, easy delivery, and a hassle-free start to parenthood.

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  • According to the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act of 2017, when you are already pregnant, many corporate companies will offer maternity coverage to cover bills (although with a sub-limit up to 50,000) and a parental leave up to 26 weeks.
  • As it is considered a pre-existing condition, insurance companies won’t cover costs if you get a cashless health insurance with maternity benefits after becoming pregnant. Therefore, maternity insurance may only be purchased before becoming pregnant or once you seriously start family planning.

How to Calculate Maternity Insurance Premiums?

When compared to a conventional health plan, the premium for maternity health insurance is substantially higher. This is the case because filing an insurance claim is absolutely definite. As a result, insurance providers charge a high premium. However, always be careful to store all of your health insurance paperwork related to your maternity period securely.

Keep in mind that the cost of maternity insurance will rise as you grow old. Every day that passes by brings an increase in the price of becoming pregnant. Hence, it is strongly advised to acquire one as soon as possible and avoid delaying for a long time in order to receive the greatest benefits at the lowest possible premium.


Maternity is a difficult period that does, in fact, end in the greatest joy. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan ahead for both the expected and unexpected. With Tata AIG by your side, you can reap the maximum insurance benefits during this special period in your life.