July 13, 2024
<strong>8 Ways to Start Your Health Journey</strong>

Getting healthy is about more than working out. People who live healthy, active lifestyles typically feel happier than those who don’t. Being healthy isn’t just when you cut carbs and count calories. Healthy living takes dedication, but the rewards are vast. If you’ve wanted to start getting healthier but don’t know where to begin, here are some ways you can get moving on your healthy living journey!

  • Create a food journal. Keeping track of what you’re eating might seem like a chore, but a food journal isn’t always about calories or grams of sugar. Instead, keep a food journal to track what meals you ate, what you really liked and what you didn’t like. You can also include info on how you felt at the end of the day after eating the meals you did, whether or not you think your meal gave you energy and loads more. Food journals can be helpful for nutritionists too. If you start to notice more gastrointestinal issues the more you eat nuts and fruits heavy with seeds, then your nutritionist can recommend sending you to a specialist. Without your food journal, doctors might not be able to identify a pattern in the foods you’re eating and how you feel.
  • Find a buddy to hold you accountable. It’s easier to do things together. Find a friend, coworker or even a family member to hold you accountable and journey to healthy living with you. Even your spouse can be your healthy journey buddy. In fact, you can get matching silicone wedding bands to wear while exercising or moving around! They’re even great for daily activities, such as grocery shopping, working or doing laundry. No more worrying about losing your diamond wedding ring!
  • Invest in quality athletic wear. If you’re exercising in clothes that aren’t meant for movement, then you won’t be comfortable. Even if you’re simply walking around the neighborhood for half an hour each day, it’s important you have pieces that will make you look and feel good while doing so. Investing in quality athletic wear and workout accessories is essential to getting started on your health journey. When you’re uncomfortable while moving, then you’ll find yourself more likely to give up and go back to your old habits. No one wants that!


  • Drink lots of water! Hydrated people are healthy people. On average, you’re supposed to ingest at least two liters of water a day. If you have wanted to start a healthy journey but often get too tired and give up, it could be due to not drinking enough water. When you start eating healthier and making decisions that get you moving more often, you typically end up burning more calories without realizing it. This can lead to you feeling dehydrated! When you’re dehydrated, you get tired and lose focus. This doesn’t help you feel motivated to keep going. Drinking the recommended amount of water, and maybe a bit more, can go a long way in helping you feel much better about your journey. You’ll have more energy, and you’ll remove all the unhealthy toxins in your body by urinating more frequently!
  • Get moving. Movement is one of the easiest ways you can get healthy. If you work in a typical office environment, request a standing desk or a portable treadmill. You can walk while you type, attend meetings or make phone calls. Make smaller choices that lead to bigger impacts. Take the stairs instead of the elevator between floors. Park a bit farther at the grocery store parking lot when the weather is nice to move a little longer. Instead of purchasing all your items online, do some in-person shopping to give yourself time to move through the store. Making small adjustments to get moving more frequently will give you the opportunity to get further in your health journey.
  • Spend some time in the sun. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for feeling good and energetic. When you feel energetic, you’ll want to move more frequently. Spending some time in the sunshine (after putting on some SPF, of course!) will get you feeling energized to take on the day. Soaking up lots of vitamin D will make your skin feel great too! This will be immensely helpful for when you go out and do more outdoor adventures. Your body will love to soak up the sunrays to help you feel more energized. If you live in a nice enough climate, you can take your lunch breaks outside, and you’ll feel much better for the rest of the workday.


  • Eat breakfast. Part of why you might be feeling hungry and sluggish later in the day is because you don’t eat breakfast. Some studies have shown that people who eat breakfast have more energy throughout the day and it gets your metabolism going. If you’ve ever gone out to eat for breakfast with friends and felt energized to complete tasks afterward when you normally feel sluggish and drained at the midpoint of the day, then you’ve seen first-hand just what a good breakfast can do. Of course, breakfast is only as good as you make it, so avoid eating sugary donuts and copious amounts of coffee with creamer. Instead, fill up on protein-heavy foods, such as eggs, and energizing drinks like tea or orange juice. A healthy breakfast can really go a long way in getting you on the path to healthy and happy.
  • Establish a schedule. Without a routine, it’ll be easy to fall into bad habits. Establish a schedule early on to carve out time for walking, exploring, travel for new excursions, grocery shopping and any other activity focused on your healthy journey. Even if you’re scheduling time to meditate to strengthen your brain, it’s important you do so to ensure you follow through.

Getting healthy is all about finding what works for you. There are lots of little things you can do to start on your path to a healthy lifestyle. With just a few changes, you’ll be well on your way!