June 11, 2024
Benefits and uses of Casein protein

If you are looking to add a protein supplement in your routine, then the first choice becomes whey protein. But do you know that there are various other kinds of GNC protein supplements available that can cater to your particular fitness needs. The most popular supplement after whey protein is casein protein.

Casein protein is a slow digesting protein that is extracted from milk, just like whey protein. The milk protein are majorly two types casein that makes 80% milk protein, while the rest 20% is whey protein. If you are looking for a GNC protein supplement that’ll be effective in muscle building and provide ample support for recovery, then GNC casein protein can be the best option. A lot of fitness enthusiasts prefer taking casein protein in conjugation with whey protein supplements. It is best to take casein protein at night time as it gets enough time to be digested and provide best recovery for muscles. Since casein protein is a slow digesting protein, it provides steady protein release which fuels muscles for an extended period of time. The best part about GNC casein protein supplements is that they come in predigested form which makes it really easy to digest and gets absorbed really quickly.

Casein protein benefits

Given below are some of the most common benefits of including casein protein in your routine.

Prevents Muscle Breakdown and Muscle loss

Casein protein supplements show great results in preventing muscle breakdown and muscle loss. Since it is a slow digesting protein, it provides your muscles optimal amino acids over a longer period of time and helps reduce muscle damage.

Helps in Muscle Building

Casein protein acts as a bridge between protein supplementation and muscle building. The rich amino acid profile of casein protein helps in muscle building and also provides strength to your muscles to improve your athletic performance.

Improves Metabolism

If you want to lose weight, a faster metabolism is of prime importance. With GNC casein protein supplements your metabolism gets improved. A research showed that consuming casein protein helped people achieve a higher metabolic rate while sleeping and the overall fat balance was also better in people who consumed casein protein supplement regularly.

Improves sleep Quality

If you are someone who has an erratic sleep cycle or suffers from insomnia, then including casein protein supplements in your daily routine is a good idea. Casein protein is enriched with tryptophan, an amino acid that is associated with restful sleep.

Good for your Teeth

Including GNC casein protein in your routine will be highly beneficial for your teeth. It helps in reducing and prevents enamel erosion and keeps your teeth healthy. It also helps in preventing plaque formation.

Some other benefits are – supports colon health, gives better gains, improves strength and stamina, and stays in the system for loner making you feel fuller for longer.

Top selling GNC Casein protein supplements

GNC Pro Performance 100% casein Protein

GNC Pro Performance 100% casein protein is the top selling casein protein after GNC whey protein. It is a slow digesting protein making it ideal for long durations and overnight recovery. It supports muscle recovery and maintains positive nitrogen balance in the body for muscle growth.

GNC Pro Performance 100% Casein protein is a gluten free supplement. Each serving provides 25 g high quality protein ideal for muscle growth and repair. It is fortified with key amino acids like glutamine and branched chain amino acids. It is ideal to be consumed in between meals as it provides support for powerful anti-catabolic signals for efficient muscle fuel.

GNC Beyond Raw ISO Casein PM

The other GNC casein protein that you must check out is GNC Beyond Raw ISO Casein PM. It is a premium slow digesting protein that is ideal for post workout recovery and also supports restful sleep.

GNC Beyond Raw ISO Casein PM is available in a delicious chocolate flavor and is ideal for those who want to get the best recovery especially after intense training and workouts. Each serving provides 25 g protein, 5.5 g BCAAs, and 3 mg melatonin.

Side effects of casein protein

It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before including any new GNC protein supplements. Make sure you read the ingredients list carefully to ensure that none of the ingredients cause any side effects. You can ask your doctor or trainer to suggest you an alternative GNC supplement if you find any triggering ingredients. Also, it is really important to stick to the mentioned dosage on the packaging. Some of the main side effects of casein protein include the following –

  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Allergic reactions – hives, redness on skin, swollen lips
  • Respiratory problems
  • Acne

If you have milk allergy, it is best advised that you stay away from casein protein supplements.

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