What Are The Pros And Cons Of Durian Fruit?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Durian Fruit?

If you have ever traversed the busy streets of popular cities in Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand, especially on a sweltering summer afternoon, chances are you have stopped at a local café to savour durian ice cream. Not only to gain some respite from the heat, but also to satisfy your curiosity over this supremely healthy, yet rather infamous exotic fruit.

While the luscious dessert prepared from durian is quite appetizing, as are the crispy wafers, honied candies and spicy curries infused with its essence, the same can’t be said about the fruit itself. And no, this is not because of its taste, which is actually intensely rich, uniquely bitter-sweet and delicious, but more due to its characteristic strong smell.

Durian – The King Of Fruits:

Yes, an unpleasant scent resembling musty environs emanates from the durian fruit, before cutting it open to reveal the juicy, thick and nutrient-dense pulp.

While the flavour and nourishment it provides have earned durian the title of “King Of Fruits” in South-East Asian nations, its foul odour has prompted travel bans, making it a notorious celebrity of sorts in the world of natural bounty.

Moreover, people hailing from regions where this fruit is originally grown, as well as adventurous tourists who have dared to take a bite of durian, are divided over opinions about its smelly quality. Agreed, that most individuals are unable to tolerate the overpowering aroma of durian, but then there are a few who really find it alluring, comparing it with that of turpentine, although they are a minority.

Nutrition Facts Of Durian – A Superfood In Every Way:

Love it or hate it, one thing that remains a solid truth is the impressive nutritional profile of durian fruit, which is overflowing with incentives for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Durian fruits are enormous in size, bearing an oval shape with a hard, spiky exterior. The succulent edible flesh within houses several big seeds and has a bright white to yellow colour. Native to tropical countries in South-East Asia, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Borneo Islands, there are more than 30 varieties of this pungent fruit, with the most commonly available strain scientifically known as Durio zibethinus.

Blessed with a plethora of fortifying components, durians contain vast amounts of calories, simple sugars or carbs, besides saturated fats, which immensely boost energy, stamina and assist in weight gain. It is also a powerhouse of proteins, unsaturated lipids and dietary fibers, for proper growth, development and digestive processes.

The treasure trove of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C, A, E and minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper work in synergy, to regulate metabolism, strengthen bones, muscles, enhance brain functions, bolster immunity and promote eyesight.

Furthermore, a wealth of antioxidants are present in durian fruit, such as flavonoids – hesperidin, quercetin, rutin, myricetin, luteolin, phenolic acids – cinnamic acid, gallic acid, vanillic acid and carotenoids – lutein, zeaxanthin, tannin, lycopene, beta-carotene. These efficiently eliminate toxins and free radicals from the system, to aid in remedying a host of illnesses.

Thanks to these myriad wholesome elements, durian is indeed a superfruit, that is endorsed for countless health reasons.

The Pros Of Durian Fruit – Its Health Benefits And Therapeutic Uses:

  • Noteworthy concentrations of fibers and proteins in this fruit, coupled with a low GI (Glycemic Index) control sudden spikes in blood sugar levels and keep diabetes in check
  • Consisting of ample volumes of vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, this revolting-perfumed produce uplifts mood, relieves stress, improves memory and stimulates nervous system activity
  • Profuse quantities of potassium in durian maintain optimal blood pressure, prevent clogging of arteries and avert cardiac ailments like atherosclerosis, arrhythmia etc.
  • Abundant in potent antioxidants, this food lowers the risk of acquiring cancer, chronic disorders and even slows disease progression in some instances
  • Not only the interior portion but even the outer peel/rind of this bounty, as well as the leaves, roots, are utilised extensively in traditional medicine, to cure jaundice, skin infections and fevers

The Cons Of Durian Fruit – Its Drawbacks And Reported Side Effects:

  • Very expensive fruit, as it involves difficult cultivation techniques and highly enriched soil, apart from incurring significant shipping costs
  • Banned in many airports, hotels and public places, due to durian’s disagreeable fragrance caused by volatile sulphur-containing amino acid compounds like ethanethiol and methionine gamma lyases
  • Triggers nausea, vomiting and upset stomach in many, stemming from the harvest’s repulsive smell similar to that of rotten onions
  • Harmful when eaten along with alcohol, as the food interferes with ethanol breakdown in the body, giving rise to heart complications
  • Contraindications surface when this organic produce is ingested with diabetes or hypertension medications, worsening these conditions


Heaped with infinite augmenting constituents and essential nutrients, the pros of durian fruit for complete wellness obviously outweigh its cons. Endure the dominating stench while cutting it open and enjoy this delightful fruit just as is. Or better still, incorporate it into mouth-watering puddings and zesty gravies, to reap the numerous advantages it confers, for total healthcare.

Fab CBD Reviews – Everything you should know about Fab CBD

About Fab Nutrition Brand

Fab CBD is a brand which has been in the industry from October 2017. Despite the brand being relatively new, you can always rely on it as far as delivering top-notch CBD products is concerned. The reason we say this because is that this company combines 25 years’ experience in industries like health, pharmaceutical as well as supplement industries.

Image result for Fab CBD

This brand is so transparent about the products they offer. When you browse their website, you will actually realize that they have posted lab results of the products that they offer. Although it’s not yet clear how often these results are posted, you’ll see the updated results on their website. Other than lab results, you will also get to see pictures together with names of real customers there. This is a refreshing idea since most companies always feel uncomfortable with that.

Fab CBD Products

Fab CBD Oil

Fab CBD Oil happens to be the most popular product from this brand. It has been packaged in 3 different flavors in order to suit everyone’s preference. These flavors are Natural, Citrus and Mint flavor. As far as strength is concerned, there are 4 options which are: 150, 300, 600 and 1200mg. Its bottles are all available in 30ml size.

In case you haven’t tried CBD oil before, it is good that you start with a 150mg package to know its effect. However, for extra health benefits, a stronger variant will only do you good. This product has MCT oil that is regarded as an appropriate carrier. This is on the ground that it enhances CBD absorption among other cannabinoids. This oil is normally extracted through the CO2 extraction method to guarantee premium quality.

Fab CBD Chews

These chews give a simpler way to consume CBD. They are actually recommended for individuals who have the on-the-go requirements. These needs range from relieving pain at work all the way to helping with recovery after a workout. Every bottle gives 30 servings for every container with an estimated potency of up to 750mg. This implies that one gummy has around 25mg of CBD.

Fab CBD Topical Cream

These are extracted from the full-spectrum Colorado hemp. The Fab CBD Topical cream actually intends to relieve the muscle and joint pains. With a potency of about 600 milligrams, this cream is regarded to have extra strength. The CBD Topical Cream has some Blood Orange scent and also features some smooth texture.

Fab Pets

You will also realize that there are CBD for dog products in the market. For instance, the Fab CBD Crunchy Treats are meant for dogs. It is made with no corn, wheat or dairy. With Hemp for dogs, snack time got better for the furry friend. The hemp-inspired CBD dog treat is made with no THC but it still has other cannabinoids & terpenes which are beneficial to the pup.

Product Material, Sourcing & Testing

Fab CBD products have been extracted from the natural and GMO-free Colorado hemp which is grown organically with no pesticides. The topicals & tinctures get extracted through the full-spectrum strategy. In this way, it is possible to capture a wide range of cannabinoid. Alternatively, the Fab CBD gummies are arrived at by isolating the CBD oil from the other cannabinoids & terpenes. You therefore get pure CBD crystal left.

Fab CBD is run under tests in the lab by a third-party called ProVerde. This is a lab base in the East Coast which provides thorough testing as well as reports on marijuana & the hemp-based products. This lab runs the Fab CBD oil via different tests among them homogeneity, stability, shelf-life testing and pesticide. Additionally, they assess the CBD amount available in these products.

THC Potencies in Different Fab Products

Other than having various flavors, Fab CBD also offer the CBD Oil Drops in 4 different THC potencies: 150, 300, 600, & 1,200 milligrams in each 30-milligram bottle. You need to realize that each Fab CBD Oil Drops bottle has less than .03% THC.

With the 600 milligram concentration, Fab CBD Topical has among the highest potencies of topicals in the market. The cream similarly contains .03% THC. This high potency might greatly help with inflammation, arthritis and muscle pain.

Fab CBD Chews have 25 milligrams CBD for every gummy. Additionally, they contain 0 THC. In comparison, the other gummies in the market have somewhere between 5 and 50 milligrams CBD for every serving. The Fab CBD Chews might offer mild or moderate effects.

Shopping Policies
Currently, Fab CBD gives shipping services to all the 50 states. You actually get free shipping for those products which are above $89. Otherwise, the shipping cost is often determined by the products’ weight. Shipments arrive in 5-7 business days. Currently, Fab CBD offers no international shipping neither does it operate the brick & mortar stores.

This company similarly offer refunds on those products returned in 30 days after purchase. All the same the delivery costs aren’t accounted for here. To initiate any return, clients are required to contact the customer service team through support@fabcbd.com.

Pros & Cons of Fab CBD

  • Cost
Fab CBD products come at an affordable price even though they are not that cheap.  However, they are considered as a cheaper alternative especially when compared to CBD oils. Now, the fact that they aren’t that expensive does not imply that they aren’t effective. Actually, the quality remains the same.

  • Extraction method
Fab CBD mainly relies on the CO2 extraction strategy which is regarded the best as far as getting quality CBD oil is concerned. Additionally, this extraction method has been regarded as environmentally friendly. This is because it doesn’t leave behind traces of heavy metals.

  • Third-party testing
Brands which subject their products to third-party testing are confident about the quality of their products. Fab CBD’s products actually undergo testing on a regular basis, at least quarterly. This will ensure that the products produced are of good quality.

  • Free shipping and well-planed refund policy
Yes, you heard that and this is what makes this brand unique. If you will be buying a product which is priced at $89 and above, you get free shipping.  Again, in case you remain unsatisfied with these products, you are set to enjoy a 30-day refund.


  • They get sold out easily
We understand that this not a bad thing actually but it might leave you frustrated. These products are always in demand. For that reason therefore, you might not get them from your retailer. This is because they take time to get restocked.

  • Effects might take long to manifest themselves
Although these are effective products, they will take time to give your desired effects. You should also keep in mind that even the top-notch CBD products don’t actually work overnight. They take time too to give you the results you have always anticipated for.

Finale Verdict

We have finally reached the end of or Fab CBD reviews. What we can say is that Fab CBD is definitely among the leading brands in the market. This brand offers high-quality & pure CBD products with these products having been backed with lab results from a third-party to act as proof. The good thing about these products is that they come at a very reasonable price regardless of having the best purity, quality as well as formulas. We cannot also forget mentioning that their customer service is the best out there. In case you feel unsure to give Fab CBD oil some try, this brand offers a complete refund within 30 days after the purchase. This will be in case you feel unsatisfied with their products.




: https://fabcbd.com/

Fab CBD: Flavor, Quality & Customer Care

Fab CBD Review: Find out why it’s my favorite!!


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The Customer Guide To Buy Saffron

Saffron is a naturally gifted spice has been utilized for the medical treatment of around 90 diseases for the last 4,000 years by old civilizations and cultures. Nowadays saffron is widely used as a spice to add flavor and aroma to traditional dishes. It gives characteristic look to the dishes by adding yellow coloring. Although this amazing spice is quite expensive if you know how to preserve saffron then you can utilize a single pack for multiple dishes. Before you make your mind to buy saffron you must know about how to access quality and select the right resource for your purchase.

How to buy saffron?

If you want to get both value and quality in saffron, as a saffron seeker you appreciate the completely unique and seductive aroma, color and flavor saffron impart on all dishes. You absolutely don’t need to pay an arm and leg in search of pure saffron. But where to buy saffron in USA, imported from Iran the purest saffron. What you should do? Get educated about pure saffron

Majorly there are only three criteria you must know well about whenever you plan to buy saffron:

  • Saffron stigmas are bright red
  • Saffron threads are brittle and dry to touch
  • Saffron aroma is always fresh, strong and never musty
Keep these physical qualities in mind whenever you buy saffron, keep in mind the physical appearance of crocus sativus to learn about of what is not the pure form of saffron!

How to recognize an adulterated form of saffron?

Long red threads: It denotes the tinted saffron threads

Uniform red color: Died saffron stigmas

Yellow stigma streaks: the High ratio of yellow streaks shows saffron adulteration

Don’t ever let you fool by thinking that high-quality saffron is tied to saffron price. You can say the saffron price is basically dependent on how much saffron is harvested yearly in a specific country and how it reaches you. You can buy good quality saffron from different countries, but the fact is Iranian Sargol is the best at rest.

Saffron selling in the US

US saffron, the online saffron buying is the reliable source in the US, online sources are best-selling saffron in the US, and there you get high-quality saffron that is imported directly from Iran. Saffron production is limited worldwide not all geographical regions are suitable for saffron production as well as a long chain of the middleman among you and the farmer are the basic reasons of saffron high price.

Saffron is rich in the treatment of many diseases; it is widely used in the cooking and baking, in hot and ice tea, as well as desserts including ice-creams. Everyone knows that when it comes up to saffron quality, value and period is required.
You can use saffron in various forms like threads and power, it is suggested to buy saffron in stigmas form it keeps adulterations chances minimum. Later you have the option to ground the saffron stigmas into powder form. Both forms are good and easy to use in cooking it purely depends on your personal preferences. To attain maximum flexibility select the threads, in such a way you can easily prepare dishes, in powder form you can attain the maximum color diffusion in foods where it is the demand of food.

Persian saffron and the other saffron difference

Persian saffron threads are vivid and little orange-red color on the tip while other saffron show telltale color which reveals crude saffron

Persian saffron aroma is fresh and strong, another adulterated saffron aroma is musty

No broken constituents are collected in Persian saffron, in other saffron debris is seen that indicated old saffron that has been loosed its active constituents

Worried about where to buy saffron online, your trouble to buy saffron is resolved there are certain online sources who are providing best quality saffron, the motive of providing online saffron is to value your saffron buying into worth buying, and saving time that people waste insure of pure and non-adulterated saffron.

What is Sargol Saffron?

Sargol saffron is basically comprised of bright red stigmas which are taken off, cut, separated and later on subjected into the drying process. It is important to cut stigmas in such a way that gives maximum flavor, natural dye and aroma in cooking and baking. The Sargol Saffron stigma is the saffron-rich in chemical constituents and rich in nutrition.

Sargol saffron length ranges from ½ to 3/8 in length, in other geographical regions it is known as coupe saffron with characteristic bright red color.

Saffron uses

  • Saffron use in medicine:
Saffron has been used for over 40,000 years for the treatment of more than 90 kinds of diseases; it is proved as an amazing spice for the disease treatment in a secure and natural way.

  • Saffron uses in cooking:
Saffron is widely used in the food industry due to its exotic taste and aroma in food, saffron is mainly used in Italian food making, and in rice to give its characteristic golden color to rice

  • Saffron uses in liquor:
Saffron is widely used in liquor industries in a wide range like izarra, Strega, and chartreuse. These sort of alcoholic drinks are made up of saffron to give specific color, aroma, and taste to drinks

Saffron threads versus saffron powder

Saffron is available in the market in both thread and powder form, though the long saffron bright red stigmas are preferred over powder form due to these three points:

Saffron power lose its function rapidly while stigma retain its consistency for a long period of time

Power can easily be adulterated with other spices like the turmeric and paprika

You can’t prepare dishes that require whole saffron threads in the powdered form

Besides, if you want saffron powered form you can crush saffron to get the pure powdered form, so we recommend buying saffron in stigma form instead of the powdered form