Looking For Ways To Improve Your Health?

Looking For Ways To Improve Your Health?

If you are wondering “What vitamins should I take?”let me help shed some light.  As a doctor of Internal Medicine and vitamin expert I wish I could answer that question with the same response every time. However, as with many aspects related to health, it turns that we are not all the same. We actually have individual vitamin needs based on our own diet, lifestyle, symptoms and health issues.

Just as many of us react to illness differently or we develop health problems that others do not, our nutritional needs are also individual. Many factors  help determine which vitamins you should take and in which specific amounts. Therefore, taking personalized vitamins is the ideal way to ensure you are getting the best blend of vitamins for your needs.

How can you determine exactly which vitamins you should take? As a doctor I spend a lot of time talking to patients about what they should or shouldn’t eat, their lifestyle habits and any symptoms they may have. From this I can personalize their care. Similarly, in deciding what vitamins you should take, personalized vitamins make the most sense. Just because your mother or neighbor takes X , Y or Z does not mean that you necessarily need to take the exact same thing. Taking a personalized vitamin is the best way to have confidence that you are in fact getting the right amount of each nutrient that your body needs. After all- vitamins- like any medication, can actually be harmful if you take them unnecessarily or in excess.

Improve Your Health

So how do you find a custom vitamin? Taking an online personalized vitamin quiz is the best way to provide detailed information about your individual demographics, daily habits, diet and health issues.  This information can be then be utilized by a doctor created algorithm to provide you with a personalized vitamin that meets your exact needs.

In what way is a personalized vitamin useful? If you have certain lifestyle choices, such as a vegan diet, you may be deficient in certain nutrients such as iron or b12. In contrast, if you are a big meat eater you may be less inclined toward other nutrient rich foods (those containing vitamin C and other things). If you are an exercise fanatic you may need more magnesium. If you are planning on getting pregnant or are pregnant it is essential to get enough folic acid and omega3s. If you suffer from migraines you may benefit from vitamin D and some key B vitamins. If you have thinning hair you may also need a specific combination of nutrients. Each  of these factors and more must be considered and balanced when choosing what vitamins to take.

A doctor created personalized vitamin is a wonderful way to know that the experts are weighing in on your unique individual needs. We are not all the same. We do not all have the same health concerns or vitamin needs. Take your health into your own hands by obtaining a personalized vitamin to assist you to discover your best health, prevent disease and allow you to feel your be

Buy Cbd

Where Can I Buy Cbd Online In Ny?

If you want to buy CBD online in NY there are plenty of options out there. However, when it comes to putting any kind of substance into your system it is always a great idea to know exactly what you are inviting into your body. CBD is becoming more and more popular around the world, and unfortunately, there are some shady people selling watered down, or highly processed hemp products. Below is a list of things to look out for when you are searching for a high-quality CBD product that will bring the best effects. Make sure any CBD you purchase is:

  • Derived from healthy hemp plants
  • Not watered down
  • Not laden with chemicals
  • Documented in a lab report
  • From a trusted producer

Know Where The Hemp Is Grown

When hemp is grown in healthy soil without contaminants it makes for the highest-quality CBD. Do some research on the company that produces the plants that the CBD is extracted from. If you find that they are growing in poor conditions with over stripped soil you may want to consider searching for another source. The way that the hemp is grown determines on how pure and healthy the CBD will turn out.

Look For Product Reviews Online

One of the quickest ways to determine whether or not you should trust the company you plan to buy CBD from is to check out any online reviews they might have. Yes, the system can be swayed from time to time, but if you look closely you can see a pattern in bad reviews that could be red flags. If there are excessive bad reviews that repeat the same complaints it may be best to steer clear of that company.

Read The Lab Report

Any reputable CBD producer will always have a lab report available for customers to view. Check out the footer of their website and look for a link that goes to a lab report page. When you get the report you can see all kinds of facts that pertain to the CBD product that you are producing. It shows levels of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids that are present in the product. It also detects the presence of known toxins and chemicals that cause problems. If you find a product that has a bunch of unwanted toxins and chemicals you might want to seek CBD elsewhere.

 Buy Cbd

High Falls Hemp Ny Is A Trusted Producer

Whether you are looking for CBD tinctures, CBD softgels, CBD lotions, or CBD for your pets the most important thing is that you get high-quality CBD without any toxins. The hemp is grown with great care on clean, fertile grounds in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. The whole process through growing, harvesting, and extracting the CBD is done with great care and mindfulness. The best way to purchase CBD in New York is to visit www.highfallshempny.com and take a look at the amazing CBD goodies that are available to you. Buy CBD with confidence from a trusted source.


Summery Sunnies You’ll Want This Season

One of our favourite parts of summer is all the sunglasses we get to choose from! From classics to new trends to avantgarde styles and everything in between, it’s like being an extremely stylish kid in a chic candy store. Sunnies smorgasbord, here we come!


Ray-Ban Erika Classic Tortoise
You just don’t mess with a classic! We loved Ray-Bans way back when and they’re still just as darling today. Much less Men in Black and much more Woman in Chic, Ray-Bans are here to stay.

Oliver Goldsmith’s Audrey
Oliver Goldsmith is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamor with many of his styles featured in our favourite movies. The Audrey is aptly named after the one and only Hepburn and are the perfect pair of sunnies that say va va voom. Big, black, and beautiful.

Chanel Butterfly Sunglasses
Sometimes a glamazon needs a little cat eye in her life. And, if those cat eyes happen to be Chanel…even better. We adore these oversized Chanel sunnies in the classic cat eye shape. Flattering on all face shapes and mysteriously inviting. You just can’t go wrong with Chanel.

ganni-sunglasses-1532358493.jpg (2000×3000)


Dior CD SO Real/S
Seen on celebs everywhere this season, the Dior CD SO Real’s are the pair of sunnies to have. With their suspended metal frames and floating lens, we can see why they’re so popular. Reminiscent of the best kinds of Oliver Peoples glasses, they come in 6 colours and we love them all so much, we couldn’t choose just one!

Spitfire Round Sunglasses
The 90’s are back with a vengeance and we couldn’t be happier. These round Lennon-esque sunglasses are a slick 90’s throwback that are more versatile than you’d think. Pair with denim or a choker for a complete way back playback.

Komono Dreyfuss Sunglasses
Clear acetate is on trend for summer 2016 and these Komono Dreyfuss shades are on point. Cheap, chic and trendy, they go with practically every outfit too.

Avant Garde

Le Specs Nero in Rose Gold
Le Specs has been on our radar with their perfectly on trend and affordable eyewear. They have everything from minimal to outlandish – and these Nero’s are definitely the latter. The extreme shape and rose-hue make the one-of-a-kind. Pretty, unique and lovely.

Celine Acetate Mask Sunglasses
Celine is one of our favourite brands for eyewear, encompassing everything from classic to inventive and new. Their Acetate Mask Sunglasses are bold and we’re loving it. Make a statement with their strong brow and shape.