July 13, 2024
Find General Battleground Online Game Tips

Many players play the World of Warcraft for the PvP aspect of the game. There are many battlegrounds; Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm, Strand of the Ancients and The Isle of Conquest. With the many BGMI there are a few strategies to go with each. With a successful strategy you will see more success within these battlegrounds.

Warsong Gulch

Warsong Gulch, commonly referred to as WSG, is a ten on ten capture the flag battleground. It is a two base environment with the Horde base to the north and the Alliance base to the south.


This is my personal favorite strategy. This strategy is a big offensive plan. It involves either sending all or most of you players to the enemy flag. Your team will all rush the flag and try to kill the enemy flag carrier on your way back to turn in the flag. You can leave two members to defend your flag just to slow the enemy flag carrier for for massive offensive group to get back and kill him. This strategy seems to be highly effective and is recommended.


This strategy is as it sounds, your team sends five players on offense and leaves five for defense. This is highly effective teams who zerg. This can often lead to long drawn out battles. This strategy is recommended if you notice the opposing team is zerging against you.

Arathi Basin

Arathi Basin, know as AB, is a capture point battleground. For every control point your team has, you gain resources. The first team to 1600 resources wins. The five points are; Blacksmith, Farm, Stables, Gold Mine and Lumber Mill. This battleground is a 15 v 15 battleground.

There is only one main strategy here and that is to split your 15 players up into well balanced groups. Each group should have a healer and a mix of range/melee with different crowd control abilities. In this split you should decide which groups are going to which points. Ideally you team can hold on to three of the five points and win. I recommend only holding three of the five if you are with a random team. Holding the tree points with balance teams is almost a sure shot win. With this plan you should see much success in Arathi Basin.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm, or EotS, is a mixture of Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. It consists of 4 capture points and a neutral capturable flag. The four points are; Mage Tower, Draenei Ruins, Fel Reaver Ruins and the Blood Elf Tower. In EotS you obtain points by holding points and capturing the flag. The more control points you have the more points you get for capturing flags. There are a few different strategies to win this battleground.


This strategy works best with a heavily geared team. Your team should split up into four groups. The main plan of this strategy is to control all four points as fast as possible. With extremely geared groups you can achieve victory within 5 minutes. Once your faction caps the first two points closest to the original point spawn, 2 players from the groups in charge of those points should stay to defend them. The rest of those groups should push the towers to the direct north or south and help cap them. With this power you should be able to take to last two points and win quickly.

Three Point Control.

This strategy involves splitting your 15 players into three groups. Each group should be balanced with a healer in each. The point is as the name states. Hold three points and you should win over time. The flag captures wont matter as they opposing faction will get less points for capturing it as they only control one point. It does not hurt to send one or two of your players to disrupt their flag captures just to widen the lead.


In this strategy you will build three balance groups just as in the three point control strategy. In this plan you will have a task for each group. Two of the groups will defend two different points, and the third group will go for flag capture. This will make the battleground take a long time to win. But this is the easiest strategy for a team of players who have not played together to execute.

Strand of the Ancients

In this battleground, SotA, there is not a real strategy its more of a set of tips. This battleground is a capture the point battlegroud in which you have to break through a series of walls and capture the Titan Relic to win.

Defensive tips

The main tip for defending the Strand is to attack the demolishers. Dont focus on the players until theses are down. You will not successfully defend with these up. Another defensive tip is to break your group into two to defend each of the first gates. Too many times it has been imbalanced and the opposing faction makes quick work of the shorthanded defense.

Offensive tips

There are a few tips for offense. First melee should drive your demolishers and ranged should be on them slowing, fearing or killing the players trying to down them. Another tip would be to bring all your demos to one gate this will drop them faster and make them harder to kill.

General Battleground Tips

  • Target healers while facing a group of enemies. This is the best method to deal with a large group, once a healer is down the rest of the group goes down easy.
  • Be vocal let your team knows whets going on in different parts of the battleground. With good communication you will find much success.
  • Always buff yourself and others if possible. You are at a severe disadvantage without buffs.
  • Report AFK players. A player afk contributes nothing to the success of a Battleground and they should be removed.
  • Always travel in groups. This is self explanatory.

With these tips you should see more and more success in battlegrounds online shooting games. Hopefully you have found new ideas in this guide and you will use these strategies as you fight towards victory.