June 11, 2024
How Can You Keep Your Dental Implants Hygienic And Clean?

According to valid estimates, near 5 million people get dental implants per year to replace their missing teeth with a great dental option with the same function and appearance as their natural teeth. Having lost a tooth or several teeth, you undoubtedly understand the unpleasant consequences and difficulties it can bring for you. So it’s reasonable to find an excellent dental treatment to replace your missing teeth and have your beautiful smile and oral health back again. According to the experts performing dental implants in New Westminster, different reasons can lead to missing teeth for different people at any age, but dental implants are able to meet the needs of 99 percent of these people regardless of how they lost their teeth. Dental implants are bonded to natural bones, making them unique supports for replacing teeth and letting them look as naturally as possible. However, even though dental implants offer patients a list of advantages, maintaining proper cleaning and care is still essential to keep your dental implants beneficial and effective. Even if you get the best dental implants ever, you face dental problems if you don’t know how to maintain correct oral hygiene and keep them clean. Here we explain all the necessary points you should know that help you keep your dental implants hygienic if appropriately followed.

Use a water flosser: a water flosser is a hygienic tool that people are usually unaware of its advantages and function. Water or a dental flosser allows you to disrupt and kill harmful bacteria up to 6 mm deep. Your implant dentist may recommend to to use water flosser rather than other varieties of dental floss since different types of floss can lead to peri-implantitis, which can damage your dental implants and oral health. Using a water flosser keeps your mouth and dental implants clean and flushes out all the germs and bacteria.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking: people with alcohol and smoking addiction usually can’t be a candidate to get dental implants as these two habits are extremely harmful to your oral health. The dental implants healing process usually takes about six months, and smoking or drinking alcohol can damage your dental implants and disturb the process. When it comes to having dental implants that are practical and effective, you should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

Change your toothbrush to a soft-bristled one: standard toothbrushes may damage dental implants over time, so your implant dentist recommends a soft-bristled toothbrush to prevent gum damage. Also, having a soft-bristled electric toothbrush is even more effective in removing bacteria and keeping your dental implants clean.


Plan your dental routine: remember that brushing and flossing your dental implants at least twice a day is significantly important to kill your mouth bacteria and prevent dental infections or other dental problems. Plan a standard oral hygiene routine with the help of your implant dentist and try your best to maintain it.

Don’t forget dental implants must be maintained just like your natural teeth to give you the function you want.