June 11, 2024
How Far In Advance Should I Get Travel Vaccinations?

Planning a trip abroad involves various tasks, such as booking flights, accommodations, and activities. One important aspect that travelers should not overlook is getting vaccinated against potential diseases in their destination country. But, how far in advance should you get travel vaccinations? This is a crucial question that requires attention to ensure that you get the required shots in time to protect yourself from diseases..

How Far in Advance Should I Get Travel Vaccinations?

Travel doctors recommend starting your travel vaccination appointments six to eight weeks before travel to allow you time to get the needed shots. Not only is there a long waiting list in some places, but some shots can’t be taken simultaneously and will require several follow-up visits before you are completely immunised.

Some Vaccinations Need A Month to Settle In

Take, for instance, the yellow eye fever vaccination. If you need to get this shot before you travel to South America or Africa, you should keep in mind that it takes up to thirty days to come into full effect. So if you travelled before this period is up, your risk of conducting yellow eye is much more likely than someone who got it thirty days earlier.

Some Vaccinations Can’t Be Taken Together

Many vaccinations can’t be taken simultaneously, for example, Hepatitis B and Rabies, or Influenza and Smallpox. The only way around this is to have different nurse appointments with a week spaced between the two of them. However, for some vaccinations, on the other hand, you can happily pair Covid-19 boosters with most vaccinations and reduce the number of repeat visits.

Expect Several Vaccination Visits

You are recommended to get your vaccinations sorted several weeks out in advance because there will be cases where you need shots that can’t be taken together. Even more likely for everyone, when you first visit your doctor, they will work out what you need to travel and give you a rundown of the process. You will decide what you want and then be given a script to go away and collect your script from the pharmacy. Then you will return for a nurse appointment for your shots before you travel.

Expect A Lengthy Travel Doctor Appointment Wait

Because most of us love to travel, you can expect a lengthy travel doctor waiting list at your local, so be prepared to look around for a service which will see you sooner than others. Then the next part of this puzzle is to wait patiently for your fruitful day to arrive. Once this has been sorted, you will be smooth sailing!

Allow Yourself Time to Recover Before Travel

Sometimes shots can take a toll on your body so it is best to be prepared for a period post-vaccination where you may feel a bit groggy, tired, or have a sore arm. However, most minimal side effects fro shots go away after a few days so you should be good to travel a week post shot (except for those that require more time to come into affect).