Less Known But Important Surgeries Especially For Women

If you like to have everything “in their place” and want to look younger, as on your face, also in your intimate region, than you could consider these procedures.  First of them is the treatment for reducing the fat under the chin, and the second one the vagina tightening.

Double chin reduction

The best-known treatment for the under chin fat is chin injections. If you ever heard about Kybella injections, those are the one. The injection contains deoxycholic acid, that breaks down fat tissue. Once that fat is burned, it will not accumulate again if you take care of your diet and exercise.

Many people will notice a difference after the first treatment, but depending on your quantity of fat, and the results that you like to achieve, you can do more treatments, up till six. It can happen that you are satisfied with the results after two treatments and that there is no need for more.

You can see more details at https://www.chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au/double-chin-injection/ or do your own research online, and also ask for the additional information if needed.

Procedure to tighten your intimate body part

Tightening up the vagina is also known as vaginoplasty, is a procedure where structures of the vagina that becomes more loose are corrected. This condition happens mostly after giving birth, but also due to aging. It is interesting that this kind of procedure is produced after reconstructive procedures of birth defects when the vagina is too short, malformed or absent.

The procedure is done with the topical anesthetic cream, and when the cream starts to work, the surgeon is using the laser to stimulate the rejuvenation of the skin and the elasticity. Besides this, the procedure is helping to reduce some other conditions, such as pain while intercourse, dryness, and irritation. After the surgery, you can continue with your everyday activities.

Before the surgery, it is very important to speak to your doctor and to have realistic expectations, because this surgery can’t make your vagina look as it looks when you were 20 years old. To inform more go to the vagina surgery to tighten from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or if you’re not in the area you can just visit your trusted cosmetic clinic near you.

Labiaplasty, plastic surgery on the “lips” that surround the vagina, can be performed with vaginoplasty or alone. Labiaplasty can be done only on the outer vaginal lips, or on the inner vaginal lips. This surgery corrects the shape or size of the vaginal lips, making them smaller or making them the same size if they are asymmetric.

There are some risks that you should be aware of as this is a procedure on a very sensitive part of the body. The risk can include infection, scarring, pain, permanent changes in sensation. So, it’s important to talk to your surgeon openly, to have trust in him or her, and feel comfortable.


These procedures are done from a few minutes to an hour and they are non-surgical procedures that can make you feel more beautiful and confidante.