June 12, 2024
Male kidney Deficiency Self-Test

Kidney deficiency is not only for men, but also for women, and the situation is different if men and women have kidney deficiency, where the difference lies and how it should be treated.

  • Wake up in the morning with puffy eyes.
  • When you wash your hair, a lot of hair falls out.
  • Just after forty, you will find no “morning erection” phenomenon.
  • Pour a little urine into a glass of water, if the water is still very clear, it means that the body is healthy; if it becomes turbid or there is oil floating on the surface of the water, the majority of kidney deficiency.
  • Urine weakness, dripping, dripping.
  • Do not lift heavy objects, walking to the small three floors on the legs weakness.
  • Sitting in a chair watching TV, more than two hours to feel the back sore.
  • Cooking in the kitchen, standing for more than an hour, you feel weak in both legs.
  • Always want to close their eyes, do not want to think about the problem, attention is not focused.
  • Always feel sleepy, but can not sleep, easily fall asleep, and sleep and wake up.
  • Loose teeth, easy hair loss.
  • In the case of normal water intake, urinate more than 3 times at night.

* If 3 of the above situations occur at the same time, it is likely to be kidney deficiency.


What Are The Symptoms To Look For In Kidney Deficiency Urine?

1Uncompetent Urination

If you feel that your urine is extremely poor, this is the main manifestation of kidney deficiency, if you are often afraid of cold, the waist and knees are sore and weak, it is the unfavorable manifestation of the deficiency of kidney yang qihua.

2Incontinence of Urination

it is difficult to control urination, it is particularly difficult to control when the urge to urinate comes, you can not give yourself time to prepare at all, this is the bladder function is weakening, when the kidney qi deficiency, the bladder is difficult to control well.

3white Urine

The normal color of urine should be a light yellow, if your urine to rice water like the color, or slightly turbid feeling, this time check to see if the protein fat and white blood cells, etc., if the urine is not accompanied by pain, while concluding that the kidney deficiency.

4Urine Clear and Long

Some people have no color urine, and white water, and increased urine, if not because of drinking more water to make urine longer, then it must be the phenomenon of kidney Yang deficiency.

5 Urine Foam More

If you find a lot of foam after urinating, for most people, foam is a normal phenomenon, but if accompanied by symptoms of lumbar acidity, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check, generally speaking, the problem of kidney deficiency.

6Urine Bifurcation

There are two kinds of urinary bifurcation, one is accidental, most of this is not related to the kidney, there is a long-term urinary bifurcation, should promptly go to the hospital for examination.

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