June 12, 2024

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Essential cannabis oil is very rich in THC and in most other countries it is forbidden by law.

However, industrial or marijuana with low content of THC and its products can be legally purchased at better stores.

THC with low content of THC would certainly recommend to anyone suffering from various inflammatory processes in the body. Hemp is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug that has no unwanted effects like steroids.

Cannabinoids lead to relaxation and spread of blood vessels, resulting in blood pressure lowering and circulation improvement, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

It can be used to treat multiplier sclerosis, arthritis, or elevated cholesterol. The 2012 study found that the CBG-like compound (kanabigerol in high concentrations in a young plant of industrial hemp) facilitated inflammation of neurons.

Definitely, it is a good herbal medicine for the initial stages of diabetes. Researchers reported the results of studies by which 5mg CBD (cannabisol) injections significantly reduced the occurrence of diabetes in mice versus its outbreak in mice from the control group. The powerful immunomodulatory action of CBD justifies its use in the prevention of diabetes and some other autoimmune diseases.

Immunomodulation is adapting the response of our immune system to the desired level, treating the disorders by stimulating, enhancing or suppressing the immune response. That is, THC tea with low content of THC tea or tincture is a good herb to strengthen immunity and preventive fight against viral and bacterial infections.

For those who suffer from anxiety, it is recommended this juice mixture:

  • 50g list and cannabis (Canabis sativa)
  • 50g of rotten root (Valeriana offinalis)
  • 100g Matrix List (Melissa officinalis)

Put all the herbs over and pour the full jug of the spoon into a bowl (250ml) of boiling water, discard, cover and leave for 20 minutes. After that time, proceed and take in smaller sips. There are three teaspoons of tea daily.

Marijuana seed oil is very beneficial to the skin. Here’s a mild recipe that relieves eczema problems:

Add 100 g of honey seed oil to 30 g of natural beeswax and mildly heat on a very quiet fire until the wax completely dissolves. Remove from the stove and add 50 ml of oil from night cream and 10 drops of lavender oil and kale. Spend, pour into a clean and completely dry stem, close and let it clog. Use it two or three times a day, and it is also advisable to drink teaspoon at the same time.

It is also effective against burns.

Like almost all plants it can not be used by everyone. Marijuana seed oil should be avoided by people who have prostate cancer or are taking blood-treating medicines. Also, it is not recommended for persons suffering from low blood pressure.

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