June 12, 2024
Should You Consider Family Meditation?

Is family meditation the right choice for you? Should you make the decision of going for family meditation rather than trials? Who should go for family meditation? If you’ve got these questions on mind then we’ve got the answers for you. In order to make your divorce easier, we have got the best advice for you. Family meditation is a healthy choice for most people. However, not everyone is able to meet a final settlement through family meditation.Here are a few contributing factors that decide whether you should or shouldn’t go for family mediation.

Domestic Abuse

A huge cause of divorce can be domestic abuse. If you have been in a relationship that has been toxic for you and you’ve been a victim to domestic abuse then family meditation might not be the right choice for you. This is where you must consult a lawyer and let all the matters be handled by the court. However, if you haven’t been facing abuse constantly. Rather it occurred sometime ago or a few times then you can go for either one of the choices. You may weigh the pros and cons of the situation and then make a final choice for yourself if you want to go for a legal solution or meditation. In some cases, the mediators refuse to take cases that involve domestic abuse. Some spouses may want their lawyers to be a part of the meditation and make negotiations for them.

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Untrustworthy Spouse

Being in a relationship with someone for long makes you aware of the persons’ nature. You must know your spouse well enough to judge if they are trustworthy or not. A spouse who is not a person of their words can lead the meditation sessions to no final healthy solution. Even if they initially agree to the settlements, they may refuse to abide by them later on. This is why meditation is nothing more than a waste of time in such cases. You should directly go for a legal trial.

One of The Spouses Is Claiming Fault

If in some cases one of the two spouses claims that the other is responsible for the divorce then it is likely that the meditation session shall not be successful. The purpose of family meditation is to try and ring both the p[arties on the same page and that is possible only when both of them mutually agree to the divorce and accept that their marriage ended because they were unable to make it work mutually.