Taking Care of Your Skin While Breastfeeding Your New-Born

Taking Care of Your Skin While Breastfeeding Your New-Born

Are you a new mom? Then choosing the skincare and hair care products might be overwhelming because it is not just you but your new-born who may get affected. You might have to take into consideration the different ingredients that go into the product manufacturing – be it your skin or hair care product. The reason for this is because the chemicals will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and might even affect your new-born when you nurse.

The new mom must select the products that help in smoothing the skin and moisturise perfectly without causing irritation to you or your baby. And this is one of the biggest reasons why new moms opt for skin care and hair care products that give more importance to the baby’s health. This way, it is safe for the mom’s skin and healthy for the baby.

Here are some tips for new moms on how to take care of their skin while breastfeeding their baby –

Clean Skin Is Vital for a Baby’s Health

Ingestion of skincare products of any type is not safe for babies. Hence, before feeding your baby make sure that your body is free from any skincare product residues. Cleaning the nipple area using the nipple cream is extremely important for your baby’s health.

Taking Care of Hyperpigmentation During Pregnancy

It is common during pregnancy for women to develop melisma, the form of hyperpigmentation. Pigmentation is due to the hormonal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy. The good news is that most of the pigmentation that occurs during pregnancy will fade even without any special treatment.

But in some cases, melisma is seen to last longer than the pregnancy stage. Applying the vitamin C cream on the affected skin will help in brightening the skin.

Use Moisturiser Adequately

As a new mom, you tend to wash your hands more frequently to ensure you touch the baby with cleaner hands. The constant washing of hands using a cleanser will leave the hand dry due to loss of natural oil and lead to the risk of infection. Avoid alcohol-based sanitizers to clean the hands. And ensure moistening the hands after washing hands will help you to compact the dryness.

Dealing with The Stretch Marks

One of the major skin issues during and after the pregnancy is the itching, and dryness around the stretch marks. But using the natural stretch oil helps in stimulating collagen synthesis that is rich in vitamin C. It helps in relieving the itchinesssmoothing the skin and avoids any further damages to the skin.

The responsibility doubles when the mom has the little bundle of joy in her arms. Just as careful you as a mom are about your skin and hair care routine you need to ensure that the soft and cuddly baby is equally taken care of using the baby care products such as baby massage oils, baby shampoo and cream.