July 13, 2024
What are the Features of Patient Beds?

Hospital beds and stretchers are essential parts for transporting hospitalized patients. Therefore, it is divided into two types. Stretchers are used to take the patient to the necessary examinations. Beds are used for the patient to lie down during the hospital stay. There is a wide variety of beds, so the use of each type of bed will depend on the patient’s pathology.

Types of Hospital Beds

The hard mattress has an articulated hard mattress that can be movable or immobile. Since this type of beds cannot be moved, they do not allow the patient to be placed in certain positions. Articulated patient bed models are the most used in hospitals. Sockets contain several movable joints, each for a specific part of the body. The orthopedic mattress has a metallic chassis called Bolkan frame and a triangular structure that facilitates the patient’s grasp and movement.

Electro circular beds consist of two metal sconces joined together. It has mobility in all directions (vertical, horizontal and inclined). This is a variation of the knuckle roll, but allows for a side angle. They are used for long-term hospital patients, they are often found in intensive care units. The levitation bed includes two frames that use hot air to lift the patient from the bed, thus avoiding contact with bed accessories. Used for major burns. The patient is held in place, but the pressure points dissipate as the rotation continues. It is also used to prevent the appearance of pressure ulcers. Hasta yatağı

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There are electric articulated beds that allow the inclusion of the patient from the supine position to the sitting position. The incubator guarantees adequate living conditions for the newborn. It consists of transparent plastic walls with openings to manipulate the newborn from the outside. Table beds are placed inside to operate the patient. They are divided into several planes. Depending on the operation to be performed, the tables can be of various types with a control that adjusts the height.

How to Move the Bed?

In the patients followed, the head of the bed is elevated so that the healthcare personnel can see it for surveillance. In the elevator, the nurse will be placed first, the head will be pushed first, and finally the feet will be introduced. In order to go up, it is pushed from the foot of the bed on the ramps. Beds are the basic furniture of a hospital, so it is important that they are in good condition and function properly. Otherwise, this will affect both patient comfort and worker health. Hasta yatağı kiralama

Considering that a healthy person spends at least seven to eight hours a day in bed, a person admitted to the hospital can stay in bed for up to 24 hours a day; It is important to order a mattress that meets quality standards and specifications to ensure health and comfort, such as hospital beds. Hospital bed prices are suitable for every budget.