Why Interrupt Work Flow When Mobile Health Screening is Available?

Why Interrupt Work Flow When Mobile Health Screening is Available?

A great way to help maintain a productive working environment while staying compliant with federal and state regulations isusing mobile health screening services. Having a screening partner come to your worksite is a convenient way to monitor the health of your employees without having to leave the premises. Why waste time and resources sending your employees offsite to get health screenings, when you can have the screening come to you.

Medical Screening and Surveillance

Mobile health screening services conduct both medical screening and medical surveillance for your workforce as requiredOSHA. OSHA has many standards in place related to medical screening and surveillance for various environmental exposures. Standards for toxic and hazardous substances include asbestos, benzene, vinyl chloride, lead, cadmium, formaldehyde and more. Medical screenings are available for employees in all stages of health to provide a thorough and focused exam to detect possible unknown issues from workplace and environmental exposures. Whereas medical surveillance helps to identify slow but progressive changes in a worker’s health, year over year. A medical surveillance service provides peace of mind to employers, as well as OSHA compliance. The combination of medical screening and surveillance is the best way to track employee health and ensure a safe and healthy workforce.

Silica Exposure

Employees that work with concrete cutting or other manufactured stone products could be exposed to silica particles. Crystalline silica can be broken down into tiny particles that can be breathed deeply into the lungs. Breathing in silica can permanently damage the lungs. A routine silica medical exam can detect potential health issues and bring them to light, even in cases where the worker is unaware a problem exists. Employers should make sure they understand the requirements of OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard.

Hearing Test Screening

Many companies are requiredOSHA to have hearing tests performed due to occupational noise exposure. Mobile hearing testing services bring the testing equipment and qualified professionals right to the workplace. This eliminates the need for off-site testing facilities, complex scheduling, and varying return of test results. All of the tests will be administered in one place on the same day.

Prompt and Convenient Health Screening

The great thing about health services that travel to your workplace is that they can efficiently conduct comprehensive medical exams without employees having to leave the worksite. Mobile health screenings cut down on costs and wasted resources and time.

Mobile Health Screening Saves Time and Money

It is clear to see that bringing a full-service solution to you reduces the headache and complexity of multiple offsite test administrators. It saves timehaving a team of qualified professionals come to your workplace and avoids the downtime associated with clinic visits. It can also save money as mobile health screening partners are often less expensive on a per-employee basis.

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