Are CBD Products Really That Great?

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the reference to CBD in a dozen contexts. They are particularly keen on its astonishing aspects and sound more similar to a snake oil salesman than a satisfied customer.

A healthy dose of skepticism is perfect to judge everything that someone tries to sell you. In this article, we’re talking about what makes a CBD great, and you can decide if it’s worth your dollar.

First, What are the negatives?

Let’s start with the reported negative or bad effects. This is often a footnote to many CBD articles, though I believe you should know the worst aspects of something, before learning about the good stuff.

However, immediate research suggests why this is a footnote; CBD does not seem to have many side effects. The three commonly reported are:

“Mild fatigue”

It’s difficult to quantify, and the odd side effect of a single list. People often talk about the comforting qualities of CBD, so it is likely that this is just a negative explanation of the real benefits of CBD.


Another obscure side effect. This has been reported rarely, but usually, it is combined with a reaction one might have to a topical CBD product, such as a lotion.  When starting out with a CBD topical, it is best to test your skin’s responsivenessapplying a small amount first and waiting 3-4 hours to see if you are feeling any irritation.


Though I feel strange that I’m excited to see diarrhea here, it makes sense. It’s a side effect that can be documented and is actually negative. As a pessimist, I have to say I’m still disappointedhow uncommon it is. Moreover, for the “major” side effect, it can be counteractedsimply drinking more water.  

Alright, here is the really good stuff about CBD

If you’re looking for another shortlist, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Fortunately, high-quality CBD products have too many well-documented benefits. If you’re a cynic, like me, avoid reading ahead. It’s all so…good.


  • Relaxing


This isfar the most common effect associated with CBD. People report feeling luxuriously calm, and a sensation that can best be described as “chill.”

Know the facts about CBD products - Harvard Health


  • Seizure Suppression


Though most of us don’t have seizures, I feel that this is the effect that shines most brightly in CBD’s favor. People suffering from Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy have found that regularly taking CBD oil or CBD tinctures notice a distinct, and impressive drop in seizures. A few have even reported suffering zero seizures while on CBD. If that isn’t sheer magic, I don’t know what is.


  • Chemotherapy treatment


Another strange item on this list, but it has its place. Chemotherapy is a horrible, ugly treatment, for a worse and uglier disease. To pretend that CBD “cures cancer” is disgraceful, and anyone claiming that is flat out wrong.

What CBD is good for is chemotherapy. People suffering from chemo feel nauseous, tired, and often completely lose their appetite. Many of them, though uncomfortable in their bodies, have trouble sleeping after the rigorous treatment. As such, CBD is a great way to relax them after a round of chemotherapy, and help restore their appetite. However, please consult with your oncologist before taking CBD, to ensure it won’t react negatively with any of your medications. Cancer is a serious disease and must be taken seriously.


  • Decrease in pain


Although this one bares plenty of anecdotal evidence to support it, few studies have turned over anything meaningful here. The ones that do say that CBD can reduce pain to an extent, though they also claim that it shouldn’t be relied upon as a painkiller. However, with the wealth of stories available across the internet regarding CBD and pain, I felt it prudent to include this entry on the list.

After reading this, I hope you feel more informed regarding CBD edibles and confident in your opinion of them.

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