Buying an Anti-ageing Cream? Look for these 8 Ingredients

Buying an Anti-ageing Cream? Look for these 8 Ingredients

Anti-aging cream makes you look younger by boosting up your skin in different forms; however, there are various skin care products in the market for treating your loose and anti-aging skin, and on your part, you must invest in those products that are suitable for your skin, effective and worth the price.

While choosing an anti-aging cream, an essential aspect that you must look for is the brand and the ingredients. Also, specific components should be present in your anti-aging cream for treating your skin correctly. Moreover, you could buy the essential anti-aging substances from lotilabs.

Here is a list of the ingredients that you must check upon while buying an anti-aging cream.


Peptides are building blocks of collagen, elastin, protein, and keratin that helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines while preserving and boosting collagen in your skin. They are way more effective in slowing down your aging process by enhancing hydration, promoting healing, and stimulating the production of new collagen.

Thus, to have proper hydration and firmness in your skin, you must consider peptide in your anti-aging cream.


Ceramides are the lipids that provide moisture to your skin and avoid irritated and dry skin. They are the perfect component of the epidermis for you if you’re prone to eczema and keep the irritants out. However, the best thing about ceramides is that they can effectively work for every skin type.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that can help in protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution, and smoking. Hence, you should always check upon the percentage of vitamin C in your cream and ensure that it is protected from sunlight.

An anti-aging cream could work well for your skin if it consists of vitamin C.


Niacinamide is an excellent ingredient for treating your anti-aging skin. It helps in healing your skin and making it smoother. Moreover, niacinamide consists of antioxidant properties that can help you reduce wrinkles, protect your skin from free radicals, and lighten the darker areas of your skin.

So, it would help if you are looking for this ingredient in your cream.

Retinol And Retinoids

Retinol and retinoids both are capable of speeding up collagen production and stimulating cell turnover. It is an aging antidote that is highly efficient in treating wrinkles and loose skin elasticity.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is found in most anti-aging creams and can keep your skin hydrated and supple. Also, it can easily fill in the fine lines and plump up your skin. The best way for you to apply this is by layering it with another moisturizer.

Glycolic Acid

These components are smaller in size and can deeply penetrate your skin. It improves pore size, texture, and skin tone. Glycolic acid also boosts up the collagen and elastin in your skin and makes your skin younger.


Sunscreen is the best component that can improve the appearance of your face. It blocks UV rays that may lead to aging and also reduces wrinkles on your skin.

The Bottom Line

Aging skin looks translucent, pale, and a lot thinner. Also, if you’re exposed much to sun rays, then you may also have liver spots on your face; thus to reduce aging on your skin, you must use an anti-aging cream that includes in it all the above-mentioned ingredients.