June 11, 2024
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Effects on Relationship

Erectile dysfunction (ED) does not just affect men —it has a significant impact on the partner and their relationship as well. And ED is more common than one might expect. It is estimated that about 50% of Canadian men above the age of 40 years have ED.

ED is a condition where men cannot get or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. As it makes sexual activity difficult, ED may cause a loss of intimacy and affect the emotional well-being of both partners.

Different Medication Mode for Precaution From ED

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Health Conditions and ED

Along with the emotional impact of ED, there may also be a physical concern as it may signal an underlying health problem.

ED and infertility

Male infertility is responsible for almost one-third of the cases where a couple cannot conceive. Infertility in men may result from abnormalities in the sperm, low sperm production, or blockages in the sperm delivery system.

While the ED does not directly cause infertility, they may have the same causes.

Obesity and ED

Obesity can cause ED by decreasing testosterone, narrowing blood vessels, and creating a state of inflammation in your body. Obesity can also damage blood vessels by causing diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels.

Men who are overweight and lose weight have better erectile function and sexual experiences.

Depression and ED

It is common for men to feel anxious and sad if they cannot perform. Studies have shown that men with ED are twice as likely to get depression as the general population.

However, the good thing is that the ED associated with depression is treatable. If you feel you are depressed, consult your doctor, and they will help you overcome it. You can take the online ed medication to recover from depression a ED. There are various online pharmacy delivery service provide the delivery at your door step.

Communicating with Your Partner

Starting the conversation about ED with your partner may be uncomfortable, but it helps a great deal in finding a solution. Plan where and how you want to talk about this problem with your partner. Your bedroom could be a good option, but avoid it following or during sexual intimacy.

The main point to remember and make your partner understand is that ED is treatable, and you both are in it together. Communication is one of the key to make a beautiful relationship.

Managing Relationship with ED

ED is treatable in the majority of the cases. A range of effective treatments is available to restore your sexual function, improving intimacy, and satisfaction in a relationship. Your physician can help you both understand the options suitable in your case. So, it is recommended for both partners to attend appointments.

You may have to try several treatment options before finding the one that works the best for you. During this time, the partner must be supportive and open. Studies suggest that 94% of men feel their partner’s support necessary while dealing with ED.

Discover Other Ways of Intimacy

There are various other ways to maintain physical intimacy while you undergo treatment for ED. For instance, nonsexual touching, such as hand-holding, kissing, and cuddling help couple come closer and make people with ED feel supported

You can also experiment with other forms of sexual activity, which will help both of you to experience pleasure without the need for penetration. It also reduces the stress on you to perform and reduces performance anxiety. So, take your mind off the clock and have quality time with your partner. You may need more caressing and touching to reach a state of arousal, but this extra love may bring you closer to your partner than before.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Effects on Relationship

Emotional & mental problems such as anxiety and stress are common causes of ED. If your doctor feels that mental health could be a cause for ED, they may suggest counselling. Individual counselling offers you a non-judgmental, private space to talk about your difficulties with ED. A psychologist or counsellor can help you manage feelings of anxiety, stress, or low self-esteem.

You may also benefit from couples counselling. It is seen that, for 50⁠–70% of males with emotional ED, symptoms improve if their partner attends counselling sessions with them. Couple counselling also helps partners discover ways of communicating and supporting each other. This may help you and your partner resolve relationship problems affecting intimacy.

Quit smoking

  • Maintaining an ideal body weight and maintain your BMI.
  • Increasing exercise and workout
  • Stopping illegal drug use, if any
  • Take a proper regular diet and start doing meditation.

As a partner, you can help your man to do this by providing moral support. It may also help both of you if the partner participates in the changes. For instance, if your physician advises dietary changes, it will be easier for a man with ED if the partner adopts the same change.

A Word for Partners

Many partners of those with ED have mental health problems or difficulties. They associate a lack of erection as a sign that their partner does not desire them anymore.

In such cases, it is essential to understand that loss of libido is an entirely different problem. Someone with low sex drive does not want to have sex, while those with ED wish to but cannot. If someone with ED does not want to have sex, it is because of the effect of ED on their mental state.

The partner should remember that ED is not personal, and it is okay to talk to your doctor about how your partner’s ED affects you mentally. You can discuss this with a counsellor, urologist, or individuals in a similar situation.

Cost of treatment

The cost of treating ED depends on your symptoms, underlying condition, and type of treatment offered. It also depends on your insurance plan and the types of treatment options covered under it.

Take the insurance for your medical emergency and protect your family.

Final Thoughts

Erectile dysfunction is often referred to as a couple’s disease as it affects not only men but also their partners. But the good news is that various treatment options are available. Besides, support from the partner can be beneficial while you are undergoing Online ED treatment.

Have honest and open discussions and find ways to connect with your partner. This will help you regain closeness and intimacy. If you find difficulty in executing this, you may benefit from talking to a couple’s counsellor.