May 13, 2024
What are the Important Characteristics of the Alpha GPC Powder?

Alpha GPC stands for the Alpha Glycerylphorylcholine.

It is one of the natural choline compounds which can be found in the brain. It is effective for the treatment of Alzheimer’s diseases and potential treatment for other dementias.

What are the Fascinating Characteristics of the Alpha GPC Powder?

The fascinating characteristics of the Alpha GPC powder at are given by,

  • Its chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is 28319-77-9 and purity is fifty percent of non-hygroscopic powder and eighty-five percentage of liquid.
  • The molecular weight is 257.223 g/mol and the molecular formula is C8H20NO6P. The melting point of the alpha GPC powder is 142.5 to 143ºC.
  • Some of the chemical names are Alpha GPC and Choline Alfoscerate. It is soluble in water, methanol, and DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide).
  • It looks like white powder.

How Will be the Alpha GPC Powder Made?

Some of the Alpha GPC powder is obtained from soy and other natural sources. It is found in organ tissues, red meat products, and other supplements which are made synthetically. It is created from the egg and soy lecithin. Some of the other food sources are wheat germs and dairy products.

Where Will buy the Alpha GPC Powder in Bulk?

You will buy Alpha GPC powder supplements in bulk at the The manufactures are tested depending upon the current and proper manufacturing process. If you want to buy alpha GPC powder you can place an order on the

What is the Correct Dosage for the Alpha GPC Powder for the Best Results?

There are four important questions are raised for the correct dosage of the alpha GPC powder. They are given by,

  • How much dosage you will be taken? The standard measurement of the alpha GPC powder is 400mg in the powder form. The dosage will be calculated by the professional scientists and you will take three times of 400mg for the best results.
  • Which time you will take the alpha GPC powder? You will advise to taking 400mg thrice a day i.e. 400mgx3. You can take morning, evening and afternoon. You will take this powder before 30 minutes of your training session.
  • How long you will stay on it? You will take the alpha GPC powder for the long term for the best result. If you are taking a break from the supplements you will face risks.
  • Which is the best delivery method? Stacking is one of the methods for the supplements which have combine several cognitive boosting ingredients into one form of supplements.

What are the Important Things you will Remember in your Mind while Taking the Alpha GPC Powder?

You must remember two important things while taking the alpha GPC powder. They are given by,

  • Overdosing: If you are taking an overdose of this powder there is possible to add more choline into your body. This will result in the stomach issues, headaches, fatigue, agitation, and nausea.
  • Night-time consumption: If you are taking alpha GPC power in the late evening or night time it will cause sleeping problems like unable to sleep.

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