July 12, 2024

With the flagship program of making glasses and making them readily available to customers around the world, Spy Optics is having a rollercoaster ride since its conception in 1994. With an aim to bring positivity and good vibes with a range of optical glasses, Spy Optics has come a long way to deliver a vibrant lifestyle revolution. Coming to the UK from San Diego is another great story that affirms their technological prowess in the 21st century.

While customers have mostly sought glasses from top global brands like Gucci, Ray-Ban, Versace, Police, SmartBuyGlasses, Arise, etc. but on the other hand, with affordable pricing Spy+ or Spy Optics is battling for a bigger chunk in the market and indeed their dream came true when they found acceptance in the UK with a range of classic glasses to explore from.

It happened in such a fashion that many glasses from Spy+ became an online sensation among the enthusiasts. Moreover, with the summer approaching fast, Londoners and people from other western cities have got a new opportunity to explore the summer with different glasses that are both high-quality and affordable.

Are you thinking of bringing a fresh personality this summer? If yes, then you just can’t skip some top trending glasses from Spy+. This blog aims to provide genuine shopping solutions in regards to glasses in the UK. So keep reading to know some best models that you can buy online in 2021 in the UK.

But the problem of selecting the best glasses comes with a lot of hurdles. And hence, this digital feature will specifically tell you more about “How To Buy Glasses Online In UK?”

Find Your Face Shape Or Structure

It is true that spending a handful amount of money on new glasses may not guarantee a better and perfect look. But, if you are certain of your face structure, then paying for a big deal will not matter to you. Most people are unaware of their face structure and end up with the wrong pair of glasses.

Use the stunning Virtual Try-On (VTO) tool to record a selfie video. The VTO tool will then analyse your video and determine the right face structure like a virtual digital mirror. It will recommend the frames that flatter your face shape, and you can filter the options from there.

Find The Best Frames For Your Face

Did you know that you can get frames at less than £9? If not, then do consider time to check them. Once you are ready with the face shape, you can move ahead to choose the best frames that will fit your face properly. You can use various filter options to narrow down your search.

You can filter by brand name, gender, price, and even flash sales on trending products.

Get Prescription Lenses If Required

While buying glasses, you are required to punch in the details of your prescription if you have visual problems like myopia, presbyopia, or hyperopia. If not, you can simply buy non-prescription glasses.

If you need high-quality prescription lenses, then you should check the advanced coated Arise HD Clarity Prescription Lens. They can even block blue light radiation coming from digital screens.



With this Spy+ model, you can enjoy lightweight features in 3 different colors to bring a radiant personality.

Spy Weston 5700000000034


The glossy black square rim serves both men and women with hypoallergenic acetate frames that are durable and style enhancers.

Spy DISCORD Polarized 673119973864


Stun your friends and relatives with a brilliant new polarized shade from Spy+ that is equipped with Category-3 UV protection.

Spy HELM Polarized 673015973864


Bring an exotic new look with a polycarbonate lens and plastic frame body with Spy Helm glasses that have top-notch UV protection and anti-glare, anti-reflection properties.

SmartBuy Collection Libai Blue-Light Block 924G


If you are looking for cheap and high-quality glasses, then you shouldn’t ignore the blue light blocking SmartBuy Libai glasses.

SmartBuyGlasses have gained global applause for providing a 24-month warranty with ClearPay installment service and you can use the Virtual Try-On tool to choose from over 80,000 models and over 100 designer brands.