July 13, 2024
Points You Ever Wanted to Know About Teeth Whitening

Your teeth have pores just like skin or sponges. Anything you eat that has color is absorbed into these pores. Coffee, wine, smoking, and dark berries are extremely effective in staining teeth. Over time, these stains darken the natural color of your teeth. These teeth stains will never go away unless you remove them effectively. There are different ways that help you to remove these stains. One of them is a properly formulated tooth whitening gel that works slowly by being absorbed into your teeth and removing stains through the pores. Another way is going for teeth whitening methods in the office. Just like brushing your teeth aggressively, abuse of any kind can be harmful. However, professional teeth whitening is very safe if used as directed. As a North York teeth whitening expert explains in the whitening process, active ingredients are used to temporarily open the pores of the teeth and remove stains. After each whitening session, your teeth will naturally regenerate and hydrate.

Before going for the teeth whitening process, there are some important tips. We provided these tips in this article to be aware of the teeth whitening process. There are many reasons why you might decide to do this. But you should keep in mind that everyone is different, and few people have bright white teeth. The color of teeth may change with age, or they may be stained by the food and drink you consume. All you know is that you want them whiter, but make sure you know why.

Another point is that like many of us who have worked in dentistry and have dentures, crowns, fillings, or veneers left for you, keep in mind that teeth whitening does not work on these items, and the color will remain the same. Teeth whitening only whitens your teeth. If you already have a crown or a filler, it stays the same. Sometimes it can be changed after treatment and with a brighter smile. It’s usually just filling your front teeth. If you have, it may need to change due to the bad color you see when you smile.


No product on the market will turn white in minutes or a day. Chemically, it is impossible for any bleach to penetrate deep enough into the tooth with sufficient safety. If this is possible, dentists will not be paid well for creating custom whitening trays. The truth is that the bleaching process can take four days and up to several months. Customers who have severe stains should be patient in this process and know that each bleaching session removes the stains for years. Once these stains are gone, it is very easy to maintain.

No matter what treatment you use, it is always possible that your teeth and gums are sensitive to the chemicals used. Some people may become more sensitive to their teeth and gums during treatment, but using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth can reduce or stop it. It is rare for allergies to continue after treatment.