All You Need To Know About the Adverse Health Effects Of Marijuana Use

All You Need To Know About the Adverse Health Effects Of Marijuana Use

The use of Marijuana is expanding with every passing day. People are using it for various reasons such as Health Effects, stress, skin problems, and much more. Marijuana is indeed helping a lot in various aspects. But along with its positive health effects, it has various negative affects a well. If you smoke Marijuana, it shows effects within 1 to 3 hours, but if you eat it in food, its effects take longer to begin but last longer as well. So besides its benefits, it has some short and long term negative effects as well.

Here we are discussing with you the adverse health effects of Marijuana use, which are as follows

It Affects The Heart Badly

By using Marijuana as smoke, the heart begins to beat 20 to 100% extra, and the blood pressure is reduced badly. Whereas marijuana patients’ risk to suffer through heart attack increases 4 to 5 times, a normal individual does not smoke within the first hour of smoking it. So, it affects hearts badly.

It Relates To Mental Illness

Using Marijuana daily increases the risk of depression and anxiety. It causes Psychoses, especially in people who are suffering from the preexisting genetic vulnerability. Its heavy use at a young age with greater potency affects mental stability so badly. We can accept these facts, but it is difficult to accept them because several other factors other than Marijuana can also be factors in causing mental illness. So, it becomes difficult to diagnose the reason for mental illness in adults.

It Affects The Lungs Defectively

The use of Marijuana through smoking causes mouth and throat burning and heavy coughing. Whereas regular marijuana smokers suffer through the same respiratory problems as smokers do. It causes an increased risk of lung infection, severe chest illness, and phlegm production. Compared with tobacco smokers, marijuana smokers consume Marijuana more, which causes various harmful effects. Most of the marijuana smokers inhale Marijuana deeper and hold it smoke in the lungs for a longer period then the tobacco smokers, so their lungs are more exposed to the carcinogen.

It Causes Problem When Takes While Pregnancy

Those mothers who used to take Marijuana during pregnancy, their children used to show some neurological development disorders. Various studies have assured that exposure to Marijuana awhile pregnancy can cause altered responses to visual stimuliIncreased tremulousnessPoor problem-solving skillsProblems with sustained attention and memory

It Affects Bone Health

The research published in 2017 has declared that those who used to smoke a large amount of Marijuana regularly have a low bone density, which enhances the risk of bone fractures. Whereas such people have low body weights and a reduced body mass index. The heavy users are mostly those who had smoked approximately more than 5000 during their complete life tenure.

Be that as it may, another research conducted in 2017 took a gander at overview and wellbeing data for right around 5,000 adults and didn’t discover any relationship between diminished bone thickness, density, and weight.


There are enormous benefits of using Marijuana, but with the benefits, excessive use can affect the body’s health both mentally and physically in a problematic manner. One of the major problems it can cause is the addiction to Marijuana due to which it starts inferring with various body parts such as cognition, lungs, motor functioning coordination, and much more. According to the laws and policies, it is getting legalized in most states, so we can easily hypothesize in the increase of its use. That will result in the negative health consequences for a maximum number of people.