Everything You Need To Know About Frankincense Oil

Everything You Need To Know About Frankincense Oil

Frankincense essential oil is common and it offers a wide range of benefits. One can use it in aromatherapy to reduce pain, relieve tension, and boost immunity. Today, essential oil lovers enjoy the many benefits of the Frankincense oilinhaling it ormixing it with other carrier oil. If you are wondering about how you can benefit from Frankincense oil, read on to know more.

Serene tonic- Frankincense has a mellow and fresh aroma with warm comforting undertones. Frankincense essential oil tends to soothe fraught emotions, encourage a profound feeling of peace without giving you drowsiness, and assist you to feel grounded. It is beneficial in everyday wellbeing, it is perfect for enhancing your yoga practice, meditation, or solace time.

The Making of  Frankincense Essential Oil- Frankincense trees rise in dry arid environments, and the trees are moderately small. The trees grow approximately to the height of 7 meters, with the abundance of narrow leaves hanging on the branches and accompaniedwhite or pale pink flora. It belongs to the Burseraceae family, all the trees in the family yield a resin and have yap that peels leaving a flat under surface. The resin is accumulatedcutting down the trees and allowing the resin to emit and dry before being collected and steam distilled to harvest the essential oil.

It Is An Ancient Black Gold- It has been useful for a millennium and is most essential for aromatic incense. It has played a crucial role in religious and domestic life in various ancient civilizations involving Egypt, Babylon, Persia Hebrew, Greek, and Roman. The specialty of frankincense is that it is still used in religious rites and ceremonies across the globe and extensively across the globe of aromatherapy.

The Uses Of Frankincense Oil- It is a good idea to use frankincense oil to soothe the emotions that are well recognized, whether it is nervousness, tension, or others. It intensifies the breath, aids to get rid of stressful situations. The oil is also a perfect choice to get relief from sour throats and overcoming cough. It provides the ability to relax the breath useful for respiratory conditions.

It Can Help Enhance Skin Quality- It is a crucial component to use over the skin as it has an amazing tendency to rejuvenate. It is an advantageous oil for older and more mature skin. It can also help ease muscular pains; it boosts circulation that brings warmth and relaxation to the lethargic muscles. It is the kind of oil that is an amalgamation of many essential oils, specifically of the flora and citrus families, as well as the species and wood oils.

It Can Act As A Luxurious Night-time Face Routine- It is convenient and can be beneficial to use it as a follow-up after the cleansing routine. To use it lather the oil onto the skin, and massage it thoroughly, it is crucial to keep in mind that the oil must not be applied on the delicate skin, around the eye, and mouth.

It Is Known For Its Good Aroma- If you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of a good need of a soothing aroma after spending a hectic day at the office then using frankincense essential oil with the blend of 2 drops of Boswellia carterii, Citrus Bergamia, Citrus Dulcis, Cupressus Sempervirens of each. The oil aids in attaining a serene state of the mind. It is a great element to relax the mind and help you feel fresh.


Frankincense Essential oil is an ancient lubricant used due to its many beneficial uses. Young Living Essential Oils have some great Frankincense products.