The Importance Of Greenery For A Good Health

The Importance Of Greenery For A Good Health

We are on the planet called ‘Earth’ and by far o human’s knowledge it is only the plane where there is life.

And the reasons for this planet being our home are the resources that it provides. From oxygen to water to foods, this planet has everything. When civilization started on the planet, there must have been a lot of Greenery on it. Well, the earth still has forests, but comparatively the area has shrunk a lot. And it happened as the humans needed space to live, to make homes, and to make places where they can produce goods. With the growth in population, the size of forests shrunk and more and more trees are thrashed down for some of the other purposes. In the race of advancement, we forget the importance of Greenery for our good health.

Can We Imagine Living In The Sahara Desert?

No! Because there is no greenery and thus it counts too many other difficulties of surviving there. And just like that, if we keep on thrashing down the trees for luxuries and comfortable living, there will soon be no life on earth.

It is high time that we all start doing out bits to improve the Greenery of earth. Those who are living in high-rise buildings and flats can order indoor plants in Hyderabad or wherever they live. And those who have open space inside the boundaries of their home can plant trees and flowering plants.

What Good Does Greenery Do?

  • The judicious planting of green areas (roofs, recessed parks and gardens, wadis) offers even more storage capacity at times of peak rainfall and also a nice texture to the landscape.

  • Keeping Greenery close to homes increases the property value and keeps the groundwater level maintained.
  • Greenery supports and contributes to biodiversity and reduced pollution level in urban areas.
  • Greenery can contribute to reducing the amount of noise pollution experienced by residents in any place.
  • More Greenery means more fresh air and less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Greenery is the best-suited solution to counter the effects of pollution on the ozone layer.
  • More Greenery also helps in bringing the electricity consumption down as trees provide air and shelter from the heat of the sun.
  • Having Greenery inside homes keeps the mood happy and doesn’t let stress take over.
  • Many plants provide us with food items like fruits and vegetables.
  • Some medicinal plants like Aloe Vera also come as a great help in case of burns.
  • Its many positive effects make Greenery an essential part of the solution to the many challenges faced by today’s cities.
It is high time that we all understand what our unthinkable actions are causing to this beautiful planet. There will be no life without plants, and it is our duty to keep restoring nature so that the earth can breathe forever. Our ancestors have made their effort so that we can experience the journey called life with ease, and now it’s our turn to do the same for the future generations.