Growing Healthy And Long Lashes

Growing Healthy And Long Lashes

Lush lashes are something everyone can relate to. Only a very few chosen ones are born with enviable lashes. The rest of us then either have to make do with putting faux lashes or using extensions.

Both the options are rather tedious. For extensions, you must undergo a treatment at the salon or the aesthetic clinic. The fatigue of putting and then pulling the lashes is also too much.

At times, extensive use of both can lead to your natural lashes falling, making the issue worse. Also, they are expensive, and not everyone has the budget for them.

The silver lining is that you can take steps to improve your lashes, make them thicker and fuller.  However, those with special conditions like alopecia-induced lashes should consult their Dermatologist in Karachi.

First, Do No Harm

Before you start the lash growth process, you need to take steps to curb the lash fall. This means making better choices with your mascara; try not to wear it too often, and even if you do, try not to use the waterproof ones.

Waterproof mascaras can be harder to take off, so perhaps try some other formula. Similarly, when you are taking it off, use a good cleanser and gently remove the product.

Also, you might be tempted into using falsies for some drama, but you mustn’t till you have achieved your goal. The glue sticks to your real lashes, and when you peel off the falsies, your own lashes can also then come off.

Moreover, try to steer clear of eyelash curler, and it can also cause strain to your eye lashes then.

Nuts For Coconuts

Coconut oil has many benefits for the hair and skin and applying them to the lashes also can offer similar benefits. The fatty acids from the coconut oil can help condition your lashes.

Moreover, coconut oil can also moisturize your lashes, so to hydrate them better. The result of these is then that your lashes look fuller; they might not necessarily grow.

To utilize it, run a spoolie through a small quantity and apply carefully to your lashes. Make sure it does get in your eye, and that you regularly and carefully wash your lashes as well.

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Cast The Castor Oil

Even though the scientific jury is still out on whether castor oil is effective or not, there are plenty of people who swearits effectiveness. It can help with the growth of the lashes; might not necessarily help with the volume but can increase the length.

However, make sure that you are conditioning your lashes otherwise, perhapsmixing coconut with castor, since castor oil alone can cause the lashes to become dry.

To use castor oil, start off with clean lashes. Then, using a spoolie, apply the product to your eyes. Wash off in the morning.

Green Tea

Green tea is also an excellent source of antioxidants. It also helps in moisturizing the lashes alongside improving hair growth. So, douse a cotton pad in green tea and apply to your eyes.

Vitamin E

One of the reasons why you might be having hair problems may have to do with the free radical damage that can be catered to with the aid of an antioxidant like vitamin E.

You can use vitamin E capsules or vitamin E oil. Moreover, this vitamin is also good for promoting hair growth as well.


Use hair supplements like biotin that can also help in improving your hair growth. However, confer with your doctor first.

Products like Latisse

Latisse is an FDA approved serum that can help with the lash growth. However, it is prescription-only, so you might need to talk to your Dermatologist in Islamabad for its use. However, there are many caveats to its use; there are side-effects to consider alongside the condition that one has to use it for 2 months consistently.