July 13, 2024
Make Sure You Get Your 1 Litre Bottle After Considering These Factors

So you are out on a hot day and suddenly realize that you do not have your water bottle with you. No worries, you can easily buy a water bottle from any general store around you. Problem solved, right? We beg to differ.

The issue with 1 Liter bottles is that there are too many in the market, and it seems that all bottles are similar in the quality of their content. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and today we will look at the main factors you should consider while choosing a brand of water for yourself. It is a one time exercise, as you can check online which brand offers you the best quality of water for the most affordable price and then stick to it. Chances are, the brand you choose will be widely available, and you will never need to go with any other brand.

Let’s take a look at the factors you should consider while buying a 1 litre bottle of mineral water:

Purity of Water

Of course, this is the most important aspect to consider in the mineral water you are consuming because not all mineral water is produced with the same standards in mind. Therefore, make sure that the purification process of your mineral water has:

  • Ozonization: It eliminates all the harmful bacteria that may cause illnesses like the flu or stomach problems. The process involves infusing the water with ozone gas. This process removes the bacteria and certain impurities like iron and manganese from the water.
  • Mineralization: This is what makes normal water mineral water. It would be best if you made sure that minerals like magnesium and potassium are added to the water you are buying. These are crucial micronutrients responsible for the smooth function of the body.
  • Controlled TDS Levels: TDS or Total dissolved solids in your water can indicate the water’s purity and how safe it is to drink. Generally, a TDS lower than 150 PPM means excellent water quality. Some brands go the extra mile and ensure that the TDS levels do not rise above 120 PPM.
  • Extensiveness: This is a general factor comprising the above three plus additional elements like carbon and sand filtration of the water. Basically, go with a brand that has an extensive water purification process to ensure that your mineral water is the best you can get.

Environmental Impact

Using 1 Litre bottles in large quantities can make you think of the environmental impact of all the plastic you are using. Luckily you now have the choice to choose a brand that is committed to recycling the plastic waste it generates, thereby reducing the environmental impact of its product. One such brand would be Bisleri with its bottles for change program.

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Quality of the Product

This factor is crucial as you do not want to consume microplastics from a lower quality bottle or have a batch of water that is not the highest quality. Good brands have quality checks in place so that you can rest assured that you are getting the water that has passed an extensive reviewing process.

Benefits of 1 Litre bottle

Once you have concluded which brand is the best for you, you can proceed to buy the 1 Litre bottle from any general store near you. It can help you out whenever you are out on some work and need to stay hydrated on a hot day. Moreover, it is easy to carry, meaning that it is light and correctly sized. Finally, it is very economical, as a 1 litre bottle will cost you around 20 rupees anywhere in India.


It is important to wisely choose the brand of 1 litre bottle you are going to buy, and then stick to it. The right water will help you stay hydrated and provide you with a host of additional benefits as well. Most of this information is available online for your awareness, so start doing your research today!