June 12, 2024
How to Restore Your Sparkling Smile?

Not having a tooth can be one of the most unpleasant feelings for any body. It is clear that when you have missing teeth, you will not have enough self-confidence to smile. But it is not the only problem. Not having teeth can avoid eating comfortably. As a result, you will have further oral health and overall health problems when losing your teeth. But, there is a common, popular way of cosmetic dental treatments solving this dental issue and restoring your sparkling smile, called dental implants. This is one of the most advanced and comfortable ways compared to other tooth-replacement methods. As a Vancouver dental implants specialist states, the most significant advantage of this cosmetic treatment is how it looks and acts. In other words, after having implanted teeth, it is so hard to distinguish them. There are also other pros and cons explained in this article.

As you know, before dental implants were used for replacing missing teeth, dentures were suggested by a dental specialist. Compared to dentures, this cosmetic procedure is fused to your jawbone, and it is fixed. So, you can be sure that implanted teeth are not removable.

Not having teeth equals facing some severe problems while speaking. When you decide to go for dental implants, you can speak fluently again. Although when you decide to replace your missing teeth with dentures, you may have some problems when pronouncing some words, this is not a problem with dental implants. As repeated a lot of times, this cosmetic dental treatment acts exactly like your real teeth.

Another interesting point about implanted teeth is that there are no special taking care tips for them. You can take care of your false teeth as easily as your real ones. How? By brushing and flossing. that is the same with your false teeth. Besides, there is a big difference between implanted teeth and real ones. There won’t be any dental decay with an implanted tooth. You may ask why? The answer is easy: They are not real teeth. They are made of titanium.


Talking about the benefits of this cosmetic dental procedure hasn’t been finished. If you care about them properly, a false tooth can last a lifetime, and it is not needed to replace it. Besides, it may surprise you that although this cosmetic dental process may seem expensive, it is not. Actually, they are so cost-effective than other dental restorative treatments. As it is explained above, since you do not have to replace your implanted teeth after a while, and since there will be no further problems with them, we can claim that it is worth spending money on them.

Finally, there is no limitation for going through this cosmetic dental method. If you are young enough and have strong jaw bone and healthy teeth, the dentist will suggest you this method. Also, when there are some oral problems, you can still have implanted teeth. The specialist will first assess your oral condition and treats the dental issues, and then you can go for dental implants.