Infertility- Homeopathy & Allopathy

Infertility- Homeopathy & Allopathy

Infertility is the failure to naturally conceive a toddler even after one or more years of normal unprotected sex or the lack to hold a pregnancy to term. According to Dr. Hrishikesh Pai who is one of the best IVF specialist in India, primary reasons might be weight issues, unhealthy diet, smoking, other drug abuse, environmental pollutants, infections, medical conditions, medications, and family medical record that affects conception. In this article, we will try to look into the advantages of homeopathy treatment in infertility & the advantages of allopathy treatment such as IVF & ICSI.

Infertility has now become a significant disease in today’s time. consistent with a report, around 27.5 million couples in India, who try to conceive, are affected by infertility. Dr. Vishal who is working with one of the best homeopathy clinic in Goa says, “infertility is a disease that’s related to the genital system and defined by the failure to realize a clinical pregnancy after 12 or more months of normal unprotected sexual activity.”

Main Causes of Low Sperm Count

  • Electromagnetic frequencies: Research studies have proven that EMF, results in a rise in testicles temperature, which thereby decreases sperm count. Our specialists advise us to not keep mobile phones in the pocket for a long time.
  • Radiofrequency electromagnetic waves: Clinical study shows that RF-EMWs emitted from wi-fi connectivity device damage sperm and plays an important role in decreasing sperm production and motility. RF-EMWs cause increasing sperm DNA fragmentation.
  • Tobacco smoking: Tobacco smoking effects the morphology of sperm. The harm done by tobacco smoking is often reversed, once an individual quit smoking.
  • Pesticides: Now each day there’s huge exposure to insecticides and pesticides in our food. Insecticides mimic estrogens hormone and affect the healthy production of sperms adversely.
  • Meat and Dairy products: Dairy animals are highly exposed to the high level of estrogen hormone to extend productivity. Hence milk, milk products, or animal meat of such animals alter normal semen production.
  • Soy foods: Isoflavones, is a sort of phytoestrogen which is usually found in processed soy food, and research studies have shown that isoflavone block estrogen receptor sites, which are required for testosterone.
  • Alcohol: Clinical study & several research studies show that alcohol consumption for the future results in a decrease in the quality and quantity of sperms. Hence alcohol consumption should be stopped completely.
  • Plastics: Avoid the use of plastic utensils and containers, as per study-when plastic utensils are overheated it releases xenohormones and xenohormones mimic estrogen hormone in a physical body.
  • Hyperthermia: Our specialists advise that overheats may damage sperm, hence frequent use of hot baths and saunas should be avoided. Further tight undergarments must be strictly avoided.
  • Stress: Mental Stress results in hormone imbalance, which affects the production of sperm.

Few Tips for Balancing Male Hormones

• Avoid your exposure to xenohormones.

  • Avoid eating soy foods.
  • Detoxify your body with plenty of water and juices.
  • Increase intake of fiber and cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables contain a certain element that helps the body to wash itself of estrogen excess.

Advantage of Homeopathy Treatment

  • Homeopathy is extremely fast to act and one among the natural and safest modes of treatment.
  • Homeopathy is proven and tested in thousands of infertility patients with a success rate of around 85%.
  • Homeopathic Medicine not only boosts the sperm count but also helps in increasing sperm motility and sperm volume, abnormal sperm morphology also can be corrected with proper homeopathy treatment.
  • Homeopathic medicine doesn’t contain any hormones.
  • The minimum time required for homeopathy treatment is 3-4 months with a minimum of 1 million sperm count.
  • Homeopathy also useful to treat Varicocele, imbalance of hormones, and other related urological issues.
  • Homeopathy promotes Spermatogenesis.

Advantage of Allopathy Treatment

  • People who have difficulties in conceiving naturally are often helped to get pregnant.
  • With in vitro fertilization (ie. IVF) women with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes can get pregnant with their own eggs.
  • With IVF women with low ovarian reserve, endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome can maximize the change of conceiving.
  • With IVF or ICSI couples with a significant male infertility problem will have a way higher chance of succeeding than naturally.
  • IVF can help to seek out the explanation for unexplained infertility (ie. idiopathic infertility). In some cases, the matter lies in correct fertilization. This might not be diagnosed until fertilization is attempted within the laboratory.
  • For female couples and single women who wish to possess a toddler, undergoing fertility treatment provides a secure and reliable way of achieving this with donated sperm from registered donors.
  • Fertility treatment with the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis will help couples who are concerned about passing on genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities to their children.
  • IVF with PGT is one of the foremost reliable methods that make sure that a toddler won’t have the disorder. Preimplantation screening (PGT-A) improves the prospect of a successful outcome because it screens embryos for chromosomal disorders like Down’s syndrome.