June 12, 2024
What Does a Testosterone Clinic Do?

Are you struggling with low testosterone levels? Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with testosterone injections may be the solution. The best option for HRT for low T or other reasons is visiting a qualified testosterone clinic. Phoenix, AZ has one of the best clinics for testosterone therapy – our facility at Arcadia Wellness Center. If you wonder what services you will find at our testosterone clinic in Phoenix, here is what we do for our patients seeking HRT with testosterone injections.

What Is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone is the key male hormone and is important for many roles within the body. Low levels of testosterone not only impact sexual function, but it can also affect appearance, health, mood and many other factors in your life. Testosterone therapy is a medical treatment that adds testosterone directly into the bloodstream to increase hormone levels.

Testosterone clinics perform evaluations, exams and testing to determine if an individual qualifies for testosterone therapy. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we complete personal evaluations to record medical history and symptoms. If a patient has the symptoms of low T or other conditions that can benefit from HRT, we can perform lab testing to determine their existing levels of testosterone. If testosterone therapy is recommended, patients can begin a testosterone injection regimen to increase their hormone levels.

Who Visits Testosterone Clinics?

Anyone who believes higher testosterone could benefit their health and well-being may want to visit a testosterone clinic. Not everyone is qualified for testosterone therapy, but it can be very beneficial to those with “low T” or individuals seeking masculinization therapy. Testosterone injections are a direct delivery system that can quickly increase testosterone for those who visit our testosterone clinic in Phoenix, AZ.

Male Patients with Low Testosterone

Men with low T are the most common patients who seek testosterone therapy at our clinic. Testosterone levels peak for most men in their late 20s or early 30s, then begin to decline by about 1% each year. This slow reduction in testosterone levels is normal and expected – aging alone does not create sudden low testosterone. Men with abnormally low T usually have other factors that contribute to low production, including testicle damage, stress, obesity, disease and other issues.

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Males with low T may begin noticing changes in their mood, appearance, health and energy. True low testosterone patients may have significant side effects from their drop in hormone production, including:

  • Sexual dysfunction – low sex drive or erectile problems
  • Body weight/mass changes – less muscle and higher fat levels
  • Hair changes – receding, balding or thinning scalp hair and less facial hair
  • Low energy – fatigue and decreased energy even with plenty of sleep
  • Mental and emotional changes – decreased mental clarity, irritability and depression

With all the changes to their physical, mental and emotional health, it is understandable why men with low T seek HRT with testosterone injections. These treatments can have a dramatic impact on their lives. Some men begin noticing changes in their well-being almost immediately after their first treatment. Over the following weeks and months, they can begin seeing changes in their physical appearance or sexual performance and in their mental/emotional health.

There are many commercials that discuss the symptoms of low T in men, usually promoting supplements. It is important to understand that those supplements do not directly increase testosterone in men with low T. The supplements only support normal testosterone production – if a person has low hormone production due to a condition, these supplements are ineffective. Only medically-supervised testosterone therapy at a reputable testosterone clinic can reliably increase testosterone safely and effectively.

Transgender Masculinization Services

Testosterone clinics can also cater to transgender individuals that are seeking masculinization therapy. Testosterone therapy can spur changes in the body to create many of the traits that are identified as “masculine.”  Increasing the testosterone levels can stimulate the following changes in a person that was assigned female at birth:

  • Increased growth of facial and body hair
  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Deepening of the voice
  • Increased libido or sex drive
  • Fat loss or change in distribution
  • Increased clitoris size

Transgender individuals that are transforming female to male traits can have great results with testosterone therapy. If you are looking for a testosterone clinic in Phoenix, AZ that offers transgender masculinization services, come see our team at Arcadia Wellness Center.

What to Expect at Testosterone Clinics

Not everyone that seeks testosterone therapy needs treatment. Adding testosterone to levels that are already within a normal range is not healthy. There are other health issues that can cause similar side effects to low T. For example, males with low libido or erectile dysfunction (ED), weight gain or other symptoms of low T may have other conditions causing their symptoms. Increasing testosterone would not necessarily be beneficial and could have risks to their health.

If you come to see us at our testosterone clinic in Phoenix, you can expect to meet with a medical professional for an evaluation. During your visit, we will talk about your symptoms and why you are seeking testosterone therapy. Most patients will receive lab testing to gauge their current testosterone levels before we determine if they are a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy with testosterone injections.

For those who are prescribed testosterone therapy, we offer convenient options for injections. Many testosterone clinics require weekly or monthly visits to receive treatments – we do not. Our testosterone therapy patients only need to come to our clinic every few months for monitoring and therapy management, which is more discreet and convenient.

Once you begin testosterone therapy, you will start noticing changes over the following days, weeks and months. The goal is to achieve normal levels of testosterone, not high levels which can affect health. This is very different from those who use illegal steroid injections that may contain testosterone and other anabolic enhancements. Our medical team carefully monitors testosterone levels and adjusts treatment as needed to minimize negative side effects while achieving the desired results for our patients.

Choosing a Testosterone Clinic in Phoenix, AZ

If you are seeking testosterone therapy or want to learn more about HRT for low T, you want to choose the right testosterone clinic. Sarah Quinn and our team at Arcadia Wellness Center are well-known for our hormone replacement therapy services, including testosterone therapy. Our testosterone clinic in Phoenix has received many accolades and awards for our medical services, including providing safe and effective hormone replacement therapy. We welcome new patients at our facility, and we provide many other health and aesthetic services including:

  • Botox and dermal filler injections
  • Laser skin treatments
  • Medical weight loss including HCG and semaglutide injections
  • Fertility treatment
  • Pain management, including injection therapy
  • Stem cell and PRP injections
  • Environmental and food allergy testing
  • IV infusion therapy

Our center is geared toward complete wellness for our patients, from balancing hormone levels and relieving pain conditions to achieving your best appearance at every stage of your life.

If you have wondered what happens at a testosterone clinic, come see us at Arcadia Wellness Center. We offer advanced options in testosterone therapy, as well as a wide selection of other health and cosmetic services. To schedule a testosterone therapy consultation, call our office today. Our staff can book your appointment at our beautiful clinic in Phoenix, AZ.